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Congratulations to all those of you who have earned that fifth and final star with Helium. It has taken a lot of work and effort, but what does it all mean in terms of how much you can earn with Helium now? Well it means that with a little bit of planning and some time set aside each day that you could come up with a nice little income for yourself. Surely it wont be like a full time job but nonetheless it will be a significant amount. So how can I earn you ask? I assume that you are already familiar with the ins and outs of Helium and its rules if you have come this far (if not read up on: How to increase your earnings at Helium, Earning rating stars on Helium as well as the Helium Help Guide) so I will jump right into it. To make the most of the stars... Read more.

Earning rating stars on Helium

HeliumEarning rating stars on Helium

How to increase your earnings at Helium

HeliumHow to increase your earnings at Helium

Starting out on

How to submit articles:
- If you take a look at the front page on the left side you will see different topics ( Auto's, Business, Health & Fitness....) these are called "Channels".

- If you have some diet articles, for instance, if you click on Health & Fitness you will see a sub-channel for Diets go to it.
(if you can't see a good sub-channel for your article then there is always an "other sub-channel")

- Now there are already a bunch of articles there, and the way Helium works is you have a title, for instance, "How to lose weight?" and any amount of people can write into it. These articles get rated by your peers and the best ones go to the top.

- You will want to write in Titles that have 4 other articles at most because only the first 5 in a title are paid.

- If you are the first one to write in a title you get an extra $1.00

- If you don't see a title that works out for you, or think of something new you can suggest your own (go to My Helium and Suggest a Title link on left).

Earnings & Payments:
- I mentioned earlier that the articles get rated. How much you earn on Helium depends on how many stars you have. There are writing and rating stars. The writing ones basically you get more of them the more articles you put up with higher scores (you need 10% of your articles to be competitive= in a Title with at least 2 others). The rating stars you get by rating other peoples articles.
This page explains it a lot better than me: Helium Stars and Badges

- You get paid for all your articles (there are a few channels that are unpaid, they will be listed in the link below) as long as you put your articles in titles that have no more than 4 articles already. You also have to maintain your stars to get paid, it seems scary and i was so nervous but really there's nothing to it!

- You will start off getting paid $ .50 per article or 1.50 if you are the first person to write to it. This is for one writing star. As you write more articles your stars will go up. Right now I have five stars and earn 2.50 per article or 3.50 if I am the first person to write in it.

- That is the "upfront payment" part of Helium, another way you earn money is from daily revenue.

- Helium also has Writing contests that last two weeks, there is always at least five of them up. You can earn from 10.00-50.00 if you finish in top 3.

- There is a "Marketplace" there as well. Publishers post requests here with guidelines of how they want articles written and if you want you submit your work, if they like it they buy it! I've seen the prices for these to run anywhere from 4.00-200.00

Please don't get discouraged if all this seems like a lot of work, or overwhelming. I am currently unemployed so I do all I can to earn money and just assume others will want AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! And a lot of people don't jump into it with all they have.

Oh yeah the month for earnings on Helium runs from 25th-24th, then from 24th to last day of the month is the time for stars to settle and what not. Whatever condition your account is on the last day of the month that is how much you will get paid. Earnings are announced around the 1st of the month and you have until the 4th to request earnings (25.00 minimum). You need a Paypal addy for this. Your earnings will come to Paypal around 10th. too confusing

I've come across many attempted Helium users on other websites that find to be too confusing so I am going to post a series of articles that will, hopefully, clear things up a bit!

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