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Points2Shop Proof

Finally got around to making a proof photo for my second reward!

If you guys decide to join Points2Shop please use one of my links!

In an earlier post I talked about a new site I've encountered:

Now nearly two months later I want to share what I have to show from the site.
First I spent some 50 of my earned points on purchasing a ring sizer. Did I need or want it? No, I only made the purchase so that I could verify my shipping address and be able to advance from the Bronze level to Silver.
On October 13th I put in an order for a Fuji film camera I really wanted. It arrived at my door on the 19th. I was super happy!
After I ordered the camera I didn't do much on the site, but once I received it I decided to use the Points2shop site for my Christmas shop.
I have a bunch of stuff that I want to buy for my hubby, not a lot of cash though so the earnings from this website will be very welcome. I already have enough to buy him a new 45pound (60someish usd) video game that is coming out.
Also I think it's important to note that I don't complete the copious amounts of offers asking you for the phone numbers, hose addys, and absolutely NO credit card info. Despite all this I have been sucessful.
On Nov. 2 I will become Gold level which should unlock even more offers, although I can't imagine what more they could put in!
If I get 10 referrals I could jump straight to Platinum. But I doubt that will happen any time soon as people don't seem to like using other peoples ref. links.
If you are interested in the site and decide to sign up then please please use one of my links to do so.

Another note: You can earn, depending on the offers that you do, points and cash.
1 point= 1 cent, 100pts= $1.00

All countries are welcome.