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Gift Hulk

Hey guys,
I've yet another great site to share with you.


Gift Hulk is a paid-to site where you have different ways to Earn hulk coins, which are then redeemed for various prizes.
Some of the tasks you can do are:
• Fill free surveys
• Perform short and free tasks
• Sign up for free trials
• Watch videos
• Complete offers
• Invite friends
• Earn EZ Coins
• Hulk Fountain of Youth
• Daily poll
• PlayGround & Contests

The prizes range from vouchers to Amazon and Ebay, Paypal/Alertpay payments, to department store gift cards, as well as to restaurants and many more which can be viewed here: Gift Hulk Store

Some great users have put forth proof photos which are featured on the website, as well as them constantly putting proofs up onto the Gift Hulk Facebook page.

The website is definitely worth signing up for, it doesn't cost anything and even if you don't do any offers and just stick to a daily poll and videos it wont take you a long time before you can order your gift card.
Once you order your gift card or voucher you can expect them to come through within 15 days.


Check out this video to hear what Michelle thinks about Gift Hulk

Points2Shop Proof

Finally got around to making a proof photo for my second reward!

If you guys decide to join Points2Shop please use one of my links!

In an earlier post I talked about a new site I've encountered:

Now nearly two months later I want to share what I have to show from the site.
First I spent some 50 of my earned points on purchasing a ring sizer. Did I need or want it? No, I only made the purchase so that I could verify my shipping address and be able to advance from the Bronze level to Silver.
On October 13th I put in an order for a Fuji film camera I really wanted. It arrived at my door on the 19th. I was super happy!
After I ordered the camera I didn't do much on the site, but once I received it I decided to use the Points2shop site for my Christmas shop.
I have a bunch of stuff that I want to buy for my hubby, not a lot of cash though so the earnings from this website will be very welcome. I already have enough to buy him a new 45pound (60someish usd) video game that is coming out.
Also I think it's important to note that I don't complete the copious amounts of offers asking you for the phone numbers, hose addys, and absolutely NO credit card info. Despite all this I have been sucessful.
On Nov. 2 I will become Gold level which should unlock even more offers, although I can't imagine what more they could put in!
If I get 10 referrals I could jump straight to Platinum. But I doubt that will happen any time soon as people don't seem to like using other peoples ref. links.
If you are interested in the site and decide to sign up then please please use one of my links to do so.

Another note: You can earn, depending on the offers that you do, points and cash.
1 point= 1 cent, 100pts= $1.00

All countries are welcome.


Hey guys,
I am once again back in the UK and I have another money earner to share with you. This one is mainly for those in USA/UK/CA and is called Points2shop. As usual, you complete offers, play games and do tasks in order to earn both cash and points which can be spent in Amazon marketplace. The members also earn nice amounts (up to $1.00 for joining + 15% total lifetime earnings) from referrals.

Click on the above link to check them out. Sign up and get to earning those points.
Oh and if you are nosy, clicking on someones user name will tell u their earnings and the things they bought for their points ;) I thought it interesting to go through and check it out.
Also once you join you will have a live chat on the right side where u can communicate with members, or just see what they say about points2shop

Ciao is a product review site which pays cash for each positive rating you receive on your review. The qualifying reviews will get anywhere from .5p (pence)-2p per a positive rating. Minimum payout is at 5GBP. The site offers various rewards and incentives at times, such as the current 50p for each review in the Home and Garden section.

Create a web page to link back to your articles/blog/site

So I have created a quick page linking back to my pool maintenance articles. This is another way of promoting. is a great free/paid provider and you can make a number of websites and pages through them to help promote your articles.

The page is quite simple, you can check it out by clicking here.

TweetAdder Review

This is my second month using Tweet Adder and to say that I am pleased is an understatement. I have known about this software for over a year now, however the price tag of 55.00 was too steep for me. In January I have decided, I am going to do some extra freelancing and thinkering around the PTC sites and such, if I reach the 55 dollars I will purchase Tweet Adder. Obviously I made my goal. 
Now I am mainly using this program for my Articles but it can work for anything that has a URL. 
I started using TweetAdder at the beginning of February and I have slowly entered tweets into it, so for the first couple of weeks it didn't have more than 200ish entries. I have also had internet troubles so it hasn't been in use every day. 
By the end of February I have reached 1000 entries in the program, mind you on two occasions I have lost 250 (each time) tweets. My Helium earnings have grown enough for me to continue using TweetAdder. 
Usual per view earnings on my Helium articles (per month) are 25-30 dollars, in Feb. they were 90. Awesome I made what I usually would have and I have also got my money back from investing in TweetAdder. 
I am still entering tweets into the software so It is growing along with my Twitter followers, today I am at 1400 entries in TweetAdder, 4100 followers and 60 bucks so far earned on Helium. 
I must note that I haven't had the time to fully utilize this program, it has tons of features of which I am currently using only the tweeting one. 
I am hoping that once I have put in all of my articles and entries and my Twitter base grows a bit that I will have a lovely sum of passive income each month thanks to this program. 

I am definitely glad I've paid the $55.00 for this, which by the way is a single time fee. All future updates, new versions of the software and similar additions are given to you for free.
Another big difference (that also made me cave) is that, in simple terms, when your tweets are sent out twitter wont say VIA this or that it will be as if you personally are tweeting. This is fantastic as you know how strict Twitter is with automation these days. This is just another thing that makes you seem less bot-y.
You can get a ton more info on their FAQ page, however if you DO decide to give TweetAdder a try please sign up through the following banner link. It is my affiliate code and I figure if you are going to sign up anyway it doesn't cost you anything to sign up and help someone else out a bit. Thats what I did.