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TweetAdder Review

This is my second month using Tweet Adder and to say that I am pleased is an understatement. I have known about this software for over a year now, however the price tag of 55.00 was too steep for me. In January I have decided, I am going to do some extra freelancing and thinkering around the PTC sites and such, if I reach the 55 dollars I will purchase Tweet Adder. Obviously I made my goal. 
Now I am mainly using this program for my Articles but it can work for anything that has a URL. 
I started using TweetAdder at the beginning of February and I have slowly entered tweets into it, so for the first couple of weeks it didn't have more than 200ish entries. I have also had internet troubles so it hasn't been in use every day. 
By the end of February I have reached 1000 entries in the program, mind you on two occasions I have lost 250 (each time) tweets. My Helium earnings have grown enough for me to continue using TweetAdder. 
Usual per view earnings on my Helium articles (per month) are 25-30 dollars, in Feb. they were 90. Awesome I made what I usually would have and I have also got my money back from investing in TweetAdder. 
I am still entering tweets into the software so It is growing along with my Twitter followers, today I am at 1400 entries in TweetAdder, 4100 followers and 60 bucks so far earned on Helium. 
I must note that I haven't had the time to fully utilize this program, it has tons of features of which I am currently using only the tweeting one. 
I am hoping that once I have put in all of my articles and entries and my Twitter base grows a bit that I will have a lovely sum of passive income each month thanks to this program. 

I am definitely glad I've paid the $55.00 for this, which by the way is a single time fee. All future updates, new versions of the software and similar additions are given to you for free.
Another big difference (that also made me cave) is that, in simple terms, when your tweets are sent out twitter wont say VIA this or that it will be as if you personally are tweeting. This is fantastic as you know how strict Twitter is with automation these days. This is just another thing that makes you seem less bot-y.
You can get a ton more info on their FAQ page, however if you DO decide to give TweetAdder a try please sign up through the following banner link. It is my affiliate code and I figure if you are going to sign up anyway it doesn't cost you anything to sign up and help someone else out a bit. Thats what I did. 

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