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Gift Hulk

Hey guys,
I've yet another great site to share with you.


Gift Hulk is a paid-to site where you have different ways to Earn hulk coins, which are then redeemed for various prizes.
Some of the tasks you can do are:
• Fill free surveys
• Perform short and free tasks
• Sign up for free trials
• Watch videos
• Complete offers
• Invite friends
• Earn EZ Coins
• Hulk Fountain of Youth
• Daily poll
• PlayGround & Contests

The prizes range from vouchers to Amazon and Ebay, Paypal/Alertpay payments, to department store gift cards, as well as to restaurants and many more which can be viewed here: Gift Hulk Store

Some great users have put forth proof photos which are featured on the website, as well as them constantly putting proofs up onto the Gift Hulk Facebook page.

The website is definitely worth signing up for, it doesn't cost anything and even if you don't do any offers and just stick to a daily poll and videos it wont take you a long time before you can order your gift card.
Once you order your gift card or voucher you can expect them to come through within 15 days.


Check out this video to hear what Michelle thinks about Gift Hulk

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