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A little rant (when I was supposed to be writing articles) over my time in Texas

Imagine being in Texas, in a small town right on the border with Mexico. High noon and the temperatures in the hundreds, you are in an open yard with no shade. Not only that you need to work around a heated semi truck. You just got your flatbed loaded full of onions, six feet high and forty-eight feet long. You need to tarp that load up, strap it down, and otherwise secure it with bungee cords and other equipment. The tarps, usually black, are not only heated and dirty, but also quite heavy. Most of them usually being well over fifty pounds, the bigger ones definitely much more.
So now you have a temperature of about 103 degrees Fahrenheit, the sun burning your skin. You have heavy, poorly folded tarps that you have to get on top of those six foot high onions. The heat alone will make you unwell. Climb up onto a trailer and within seconds you are unsure of your step, you are thinking you will fall. Mix in the stench of warm onions and you become nauseous. You somehow get the tarp on top of the onions, you climb up as well. Watching your step, half crawling you try to spread the tarp out evenly. You nearly fall through the onions three times due to uneven placement and shifting of sacks. Once your tarp is spread and covering the load as evenly as possible a wind blows, not a welcome refreshing breeze, but a hot blow that nearly knocks you off the top of the onions, it flips the tarp smacking you in the face and folding one half of the dirty, smelly and heated material completely over you. If you don’t pass out at this point and manage to get from under the tarp, feel free to pat yourself on the back.
Now is the time to get down off the onions, and off the trailer. This might get you excited, but beware! It is often a harder task then getting up. You are off the trailer, you are pulling out the bungee cords that will keep the tarp sides down to the trailer. That wind that you encountered a few minutes ago, its back, oh and is it back! Without a warning it will magically lift the whole tarp up off the trailer, fly it to the side of the truck and lay it down flat. At this point you are so sick from the heat you don’t know if this has just happened or if your mind is playing tricks on you. After all, you have only seen the likes of this done in an Aladdin cartoon!
Near tears, you decide to take a break in the cab. You jump in and the first thing you, quite stupidly, do is rub the sweat off your eyes. If you were near tears before, you are definitely crying now. Surely you forgot you were just rolling all over the onions, waging war on them, and now they score another point. Oh yeah, your air conditioning is dead too. You frantically wet paper towels to cool yourself, squirt yourself with water, and in the last act of desperation chug a bottle of ice cold water. Bad idea.
You force yourself to go back outside, you have to deal with that load sooner or later…sooner actually. The heat hits you, and the stomach cramps from the cold water begin.

I don't suppose I can use that as an article???


  1. I think you can... I love it (and pity you). Where in Texas? I'm moving to El Paso in five days. :(

    I think you can use it as an article. Make it a little more mysterious & sell it to a drama short fic mag - change it to 1st person and give it some more pain & I think people will fight over it.

    "Stupidly sighing with relief, I wipe the sweat from my eyes and replace it with the stinging, crystallized secretions of onions..." ;)

  2. Eheh thank you! It was in San Ygnacio (sp?) about 30 miles SE from Laredo. How long are you stuck in El Paso for after you move do you know?

  3. You poor thing. :(

    I'll be stuck there for at least 3 years, unless my husband deploys again - then I'm going back to Michigan because there is NO WAY I'll stay in Texas if he's not there.