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Easter Omelette by ~TwyceFDailey on deviantART

Once Easter time has come and gone you are left with a bunch of random plastic Easter eggs. What could you possibly do with them, other than throw them away? You might be surprised as there are a few good uses you can put those plastic Easter eggs to!

An obvious and easiest way to reuse the plastic Easter eggs is to put candy and other small goodies into them as party favors for little kids or just as treats for your own children. If you have a themed kids party they are pretty easy to decorate to match your theme. With a marker, a sticker, and some paints maybe you can transform any old plastic Easter egg into a smiley face, a lion, a football, a Mr. Potato head, a girl or anything else your child might like. It doesn't have to be Easter or some other special occasion for you to give your child a small sweet surprise and put a smile on both your faces.

Another way to put the plastic eggs to use is to get crafty with your kids, friends or by yourself if you please, and make Christmas ornaments with them. To do this you will need paints, some string or ribbon and a bigger needle. First you want to poke a hole on top of your egg so you can draw the string or ribbon, by which it will hang off of the tree, through it. After you have done this decorate it by painting a holiday theme onto it. If you are up for it and crafty enough to do it you can pain the outsides of the plastic Easter eggs with random designs and fit them onto the little light bulbs on the Christmas lights. If this project is done right the results are amazing and those that see them are usually left in ave.

You can spend some extra time with your child while you show them how to make a cute bell out of one of the halves of the plastic Easter egg. Take some string and pull it through the top of the egg as mentioned with Christmas ornaments, but make sure you don't tie it just yet and there is plenty string on either side. Grab a button or a bigger bead (polymer clay beads work great!) tie it to the end of the string which is inside the egg half. Now pull the string out leaving only so much slack for the bead to smack about the inside of the egg when shook but not more. Tie it on the outside end making a loop for holding. There you go, you've got a nifty bell!

Many times we will have rings and small jewelry lying around that we don't have any boxes or storage solutions for. Throwing them into a marked plastic Easter egg is a great way not to lose them, have them damaged or scattered around taking up space. If you feel like going all out you can make them look rather fancy by, once again, decorating them. Anything from markers to stickers to bedazzle goes. A similar use is to put random buttons and other small knickknacks into them.

Plastic Easter eggs have been used as molds before. Whether you are making a candle, soaps, jello or some other sweets, these little plastic eggs are great fun and super easy to use.

Im sure there is plenty more uses for them, however this is it from me!

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