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Problems concentrating...

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The key to working efficiently online is to minimize your distractions. Whether its at home or at the office, distractions are the killer of efficient work. So before you even start to think about work, turn off all unnecessary accessories such as your TV or any other object that could tempt you away from hard work with relaxation. Something else which can definitely affect how well you work is how tidy your surroundings are, a messy room often leads to a messy mind, so before you start work, take out 10-20 minutes just to clean up your desk and room. Now with all known distractions put aside, you'll want to think about your work, depending on what sort of person you are you'll want to go about it either one of two ways.

The planned approach - If you feel you work better by getting everything thought about before you started you'll want to follow this approach. Grab a piece of paper and write down what you need to do and set yourself goals. For example, every morning you should wake up and have a rough idea in your mind about how much work you have to get done and when you should start doing it. It's always best to set multiple goals for yourself, if you feel the goals are too easy after a couple of days, make them a little harder, try to get more done but being realistic about it at the same time

The unplanned approach - This is my more preferred route of action. Rather than filling your mind with all these things you need to do, just like in the planned approach give yourself a little bit of structure by setting a quota for each day on how much work you have to get done. But unlike the planned approach, don't over think it. I find that I get my best work done when i freestyle it, for example when I write for Helium I write much better when I don't think about what needs to be written instead just write straight from the heart and it hasn't let me down so far.

Now once your deep into your work it will get harder and harder to keep on going with all these potential distractions around, so instead of overworking yourself for a small amount of time then quitting, try to give yourself occasional breaks. Watch a little TV or browse the net for 10-15 minutes, but be sure to regulate yourself. Far too often I have found myself taking a break and get caught up in the moment, and I find myself one hour later not knowing what happened, so be sure to time yourself.

If you can stick to these rules you should be able to complete your days of work online as efficiently as possible, just be sure to avoid distractions at any given costs as they will ruin your entire day!

Ah, now only if I could take my own advice...

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