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Changes and step ups

So this past week I've stepped into the role of the Sports and Recreation Channel steward!! Super excited!
I was a bit overwhelmed at first but I think I'll do OK. I am in need of sub-channel stewards so finding good candidates will take up a lot of my time.
Another thing that is keeping me busy is moving. Or preparations to move in the following months. My family situation is a bit off, but to make it short my husband and I, along with the rest of my family will be moving to Europe.
No not exactly the glam Europe you are thinking of, but to a town on the border of
Croatia and BiH. A lot of people have misconceptions about the whole of Balkans. Yes there was a war there...over 10 years ago.
Anyway the town is not my first choice (I'd much more prefer Belgrade, or Zagreb in the second spot) but it doesn't matter since the place I live at now isn't exactly the most exciting thing ever, I mean cmon it's in Michigan!
So the big upsides to moving are that we will be a lot closer to UK (where my hubby is from and where we would eventually like to end up) which makes everything from documents to travel easier. Also well be closer to all of my family.
Need I even mention the endless vacation possibilities that I can only dream of while in the US?!?!
Also, once we move we will be able to live off of my freelance writing alone! How amazing is that? :)
I am also in process of making a website for my writing but that will take a minute.
Speaking of Freelancer websites you guys should really check out:
Hire A Writer Online

It is a website by Angie Papple Johnston, a friend of mine and a very talented writer. You will find her works in places ranging from Helium to the various Government Press Releases.

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