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Eggs by *RetteMichBabe on deviantART

Ever since I can remember, Easter holidays were the time of colored eggs and tons of food. Instead of always buying paints and kits full of sticky, uncleanable messes, my mother started putting the plants and leftovers she found around the house, to use. She eliminated nearly all cost related to decorating the Easter eggs, the use of plastic and artificial dyes (as well as the waste they make) along with making the eggs that we eat more natural and healthier.

As a general rule, if you worry about it staining your fingers or towels it will work good on Easter eggs, so look around your house and your yard... what have you got? A few things you can use:

- Onion skins (both red and yellow, but you will use them separately)

- Beets (canned are OK!)

- Dandelions (the yellow flowers only)

- Orange peel

- Stinging Nettles (many don't find this amusing however, so they use spinach)

- Shredded carrots

- Coffee

- Tea

How to decorate Easter eggs by using any of the above :

- Need:

- Eggs

- Onion peels (or anything else you choose)

- Big pot (enough for your eggs and peels)

- Water

How to:

- Put the onion peels and eggs into water and bring to a boil, basically doing all that you would do to boil the eggs.

- Once your eggs are boiled let them cool before taking them out, by now they should have gotten a nice golden or red color (depending which peels you used).


- The more peels or plants you use, the stronger the color. The brown eggs will give off more earthy colors, for example if you use red onion peels on brown eggs they will come out red, whereas the white ones will be pink.

- Before cooking the eggs, grab an old pair of pantyhose, cut it up into pieces big enough to hold an egg. If you do it tighter around the egg and make a few knots all over the place the egg will come up with star like markings.

- You can use interesting looking leaves to leave undyed impressions on the eggs. To do this put the leaf against the egg and use the stocking like above but make only one small knot, try to position it over the leaf. Parsley leaves, for instance create great impressions on Easter eggs.

- You can use herbal tea, such as rosebud, to get pink color on eggs rather than just typical brownish.

- If you take a white crayon or candle (any color) and draw on the eggs before painting them the color wont take where you drew.

- After your eggs have been cooked, painted and cooled off, take a piece of smoked bacon skin (if you don't have this just grab a strip of bacon from the fridge) and rub it over your eggs, this will give them a lovely glow and make them so shiny, but won't leave them very greasy at all.

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