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Easter Crafts

happy easter. by ~julkusiowa on deviantART

Easter is a holiday usually associated with bright, fun pastel colors. Bunnies, chicks, and eggs turn up on anything and everything. It is a perfect time for easy and fun kids crafts. And a great crafting project to have your child make is an Easter Basket. This Easter Bunny Basket, however will be a little bit out of the box....or made from a box rather! It is somewhat unusual but its a great way to show case your child's artistic side, and it can store quite a bit of goodies as well!

What you will need to create the basket:

- A carton box, it can be anything from a shoe box to the milk container, however only encourage big ones if you plan to fill them with goodies!

- Some sticks, as well as liquid glue, Elmer's or any other school glue will do the trick.

- Enough of colored paper to cover up the box. Now you can use printer sheets that have drawings, paintings, printouts or what not on them. You can use wrapping paper or magazine pages as well. It is up to you, your child or whatever you have lying around the house.

- Color Markers, crayons might do as well!

- Scissors, either child safe ones or you should monitor your child while using regular ones.

- Some of those glue on googly eyes, the bigger the better!

- At least four pipe cleaners, you can use six as well if you like. They will be used as whiskers.

- A craft pom pom, again the bigger the better.

- A stapler and a hole puncher.

How to create your basket:

- First of all you will have to remove one of the sides to your box by cutting it off. So if you are using a shoe box you can cut the cover off.

- Now depending on what kind of paper you chose (construction, printer, wrapping, etc). cut out pieces to fit on the sides of your box. If you are using wrapping paper its pretty manageable so you can wrap the whole box into it then glue the ends on the inside of the box.

- If you are using either printer paper, construction or magazine cut outs, use the stick glue to cover every side of the box with them, on the outside.

- Choose one side to be the "face". On that side draw eyes, and then glue the googly eyes in the middle of them.

- Punch a hole, positioned accordingly, on the "face" side of the box. This hole will be for the bunny's nose.

- Stick your four (or six) pipe cleaners halfway through the hole. Bend them so there is two (or three) going towards each side of the box, as whiskers would!

- The bend the halves of the pipe cleaners, that are inside the box, against the box side and staple them from inside.

- Now cut out two larger ear shapes (think of a long flower petal) and two smaller ones that would fit inside the big ones. Make sure they are contrasting in colors so you can see the difference.

- Glue the smaller ones over the larger ear pieces.

- Once your ears are done staple them to the inside of the "face" so they are sticking up like bunny ears.

- On the side opposite of the "face" glue the crafts pom pom, this will serve as a bunny tail.

Your box is now done! Feel free to decorate it even further, or get right on filling it up with treats!

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