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In the previous post I quickly showed you a way to connect a few of your different accounts for auto posting on Twitter. All of that is great and valuable info, however if no one sees it then it fails.
Twitter doesn't allow automated adding of friends, or following rather. I have learned a way to follow a bunch of people at once with ease and still be in compliance to Twitter rules.

Assuming you have a Twitter account already go to:

Now on the lower right hand side you will see a link saying Try out 'Geeky Follow' >>  click it and you will be lead to a page that asks for a screen name of a Twitterer that shares the same interests as you, or that you are interested in. So you can enter @TeamShepherd, for instance, and hit enter.
You will be asked to allow Tweepi access to your existing Twitter account. Once that is done you will have a list of the searched users followers.
While the "Select All" button is disabled in order to follow Twitter rules there is a trick you can do to select all users shown on the page with two clicks. Hold SHIFT while you click on the first user on the list, scroll down to the end of the list and hold SHIFT while you click on the last user.
The list displays 20 users per page. You can change this to 40 if you scroll down and tweet about the Tweepi, don't worry they have a preset tweet waiting for you at the bottom of the page!
This is way easier than completely manually going around and following users, and its still quality follows :)


  1. Absolutely awesome... you're a twitter magician and I'm on my way to use it right now. I need followers - I only have about 75, I think - and the best way to get people to follow you is to follow them, right?

    Thanks, Natasa. :)

  2. Haha, I am using it at the moment as well! My followers went up to around 550 (from a 100 some) in a day.
    What I'm doing now is using the "Flush" feature they have. It will list all the people you follow which haven't followed you back, and you can unfollow them.
    I don't need my Twitter spammed up by those who won't return the favor!

  3. Also, it's not just about being snotty, Twitter will let you follow only so many people until you get more followers of your own to match up. So you might as well make it work for you!