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Ahhhhhhhh I'm back to my usual ways of slacking. Well sort of! I have worked on marketing my articles and that is so tedious and time consuming. My twitter has grown to 1635 followers and I'm so happy with it! I have also dedicated quite a bit of time to SocialOomph so hopefully that will be paying off. It is on a one month trial with me, and so far so good, I am definitely seeing a slow n steady increase in Helium revenue!
At this moment in time I am at a point where I am consciously doing more work for less money.
However, I am building a freelancer website which I plan to "unleash" once I move. I am putting it off because at the moment I write when I catch time and my current situation is unpredictable so I do not want to start getting potential customers and then have to turn them down!
The website will be for a team of freelancers, my husband and myself. He does some writing as well and along with writing services we will offer some design...nothing big but logo design, business card design, etc. So a little bit of my time is going into prepping that.
Oh yeah! My hubby (Sheps) has made us a logo which I am extremely happy with! So far it can only be seen on Twitter but we are getting around to slowly implementing it to the blog and other social networking profiles and merging them to form a brand.....yeah a brand of a sort! I want all of our freelancing stuff to be associated with one another.
In the midst of all this I have pretty much neglected the blog :( . Hopefully I get back on track with it!

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  1. Yay! I can't wait to see your website. :) I'm excited for you.

    I didn't know your hubby wrote too - that's so cool!

    I like the new look here, by the way.