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I was talking with people about connecting as many of your social networking (of any kind) accounts to Twitter and intertwining them.
Here is a quick run-down of how to do what I did with my accounts:

Make an account, or just use one of the OpenID options, on
This is a place where you can basically put in a bunch of your RSS feeds to be posted to Twitter.
If you want an automatic tweet every time you submit an article to Helium you will need to hookup the RSS feed for your About Me page.
- Go to the About Me page through the link you would give to other people to view it ( rather than
- Click on the small "H" icon to the left of the address bar, click More Info, then go to the Feeds tab and copy the link listed.

Now with the copied link go to your TwitterFeed account, click the Create New Feed button and follow the instructions.
The process for your blogger (and I assume other blogs as well) is the same.

To connect your Facebook to Twitter go to Facebook > Twitter.
If you have Myspace, other blogs, i think some websites will let you connect with Twitter too, you can pretty much connect either like this or through a similar app.

I hope this was at least somewhat helpful! I like it because each time I submit an article to Helium it goes straight to Twitter, same as when I post them to my Fan page on FB. It's convenient.

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